Diving Deep Into Your Health

//Diving Deep Into Your Health

Diving Deep Into Your Health

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Yale graduate, Dr. Kevin P. Greene, has now authored a new bestseller, Diving Deep Into Your Health: How to Live in Optimal Wellness, for people who are fed up with traditional/modern medicine. Instead of presenting wellness and medical science as separate ideas, Dr. Greene uses evidence-based research to create a truly valuable health and wellness manual for his readers. Combining tangible research with his own unique sources, Dr. Greene creates a highly strategic and systematic approach towards optimum health. The book provides many tools to accurately identify health issues. It also covers many topics including diet, supplements, hormones and much more.



3 reviews for Diving Deep Into Your Health

  1. Mazie Martin

    Empowering read! Highly recommended!

    We all know the frustration of modern medicine not being able to explain the various ills we may encounter. If you’re looking for an alternative approach, one that provides a comprehensive outline of preventative medicine to avoid what ails us, this is the book for you. Fascinating, powerful, and resources to help you on the road to optimal wellness! A must have for you library, as you’ll refer to it time and again. If there were a six-star rating available, this book belongs in that category! (reviewed on amazon.com)

  2. Juracy S. Johnson

    Happy to read this!

    A practical book that deals with specifics for each one of us.Down to earth resources for optimizing our health YAY! (reviewed on amazon.com)

  3. Susan

    Manage Your Health!

    I love a book with real options, real guides, unique resources and tangible evidence-based research. That’s a book to buy. The reader will learn so much on managing their health, getting results and developing life long techniques to have a life free without fear of disease. The industry is moving ahead so quickly and these in roads will all play to our advantage, so look inside Diving Deep Into Your Health for the answers you have been seeking! (reviewed on amazon.com)

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