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How Resistance Training Can Reduce Your Disease Risks

Optimal health is dependent on an active lifestyle, in addition to other wellness practice behaviors. Your body has two types of fat: visceral and subcutaneous. Subcutaneous fat is located just below your skin and is the type that causes dimpling and cellulite. Visceral fat, on the other hand, shows up in your abdomen and surrounds your vital organs including your liver, heart, and muscles. It is visceral fat that has been linked to serious health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, stroke, insulin resistance, and many other chronic diseases or problems. A key strategy for reducing your risk of heart disease and a host of other chronic diseases is to keep your systemic inflammation levels low. Another key strategy is to avoid gaining visceral fat in the first place – or to reduce what’s already there.

Exercise, especially resistance training because of its effect on muscle development, offers a double-barreled solution. It both lowers hidden inflammation in your body and is one of the best weapons against visceral fat. It’s muscle growth (both size and density) that ultimately shapes our bodies, speeds our metabolism, and enables us to readily maintain our desired contours and dimensions.

The Need for High-Intensity, Short-Duration Workouts

Overtraining is the number one reason so many people fail to progress. The principle here is simple. Your muscles respond and grow under high-intensity stress much better than low-intensity stress. At Feel Well Health Center you will need only 24 hours of actual fitness training to achieve a welcome and easily recognized body metamorphosis.​

The resistance training aspect of the Feel Well Health Center Plan is based on the principle of stimulating muscle groups with high levels of intensity to make those groups adapt to the higher stress. This means you must consistently attempt to induce a higher level of stress than the previous workout. This forces muscles to change their structure, to grow.  If the level of intensity remains the same,  muscles eventually adapt and no longer respond with growth. The good thing about performing an exercise at a high-intensity level is that it takes fewer sets  to stimulate muscles for maximum growth. That means workouts are short and sweet.

Feel Well Health Center’s structured resistance training program makes these changes over a 12-week period, meaning you perform no more than two hours of total exercise each week. Our workout is divided into three different sessions per week, always with one or two days of rest between sessions (including one or two days of rest between the last session of one week and the first session of the next). These three weekly sessions are your push day, your pull day, and your legs day. At Feel Well Health Center you will learn the protocol for each session as it pertains to individual muscle groups/body parts. Our workout program is the number one way for you to remain strong, young, and independent – well into advanced age.