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Ready to Turn Back the Hands of Time and Look and Feel Your Best from the Outside In and the Inside Out?  Feel Well Health Center’s Anti-Aging Services Can Help.

Integrative medicine is maximizing your health through the use of early detection, prevention, and reversal of age-related decline. At Feel Well Health Center, we use this approach to your medical care so you can maximize your health and vitality. Anti-Aging stops treating your symptoms and starts to understand why every component impacting your health including hormone levels and nutrition needs to be in balance!

Hormone Optimization


Feel Well Health Center would like to help you look and feel years younger with hormone replacement therapy options. Hormonal balance is necessary for continuing good health as you age. Hormone replacement has been used successfully in the United States, Europe, and Australia as early as 1939.  We recommend treatment using BioTE™ hormone pellets, which have shown remarkable results in both men and women without the side effects of synthetic drugs. Pellet therapy uses bio-identical, all-natural estrogen and testosterone, delivered by tiny pellets inserted just under your skin. These pellets serve as a storehouse of hormones which your body can access as needed. The pellets deliver a consistent level of hormones and outperform oral, patch, and cream delivery methods with fewer side effects. Learn more about our BioTe Hormone Optimization HERE.


Introducing the only FDA Registered, Transdermal, real Human Growth Hormone (HGH) Product. After 14 Years of Limited Production and 1000’s of Happy Clients, This Product is Now Available to the Mass Public!  

  • It’s FDA- Registered, which means it is safe and effective with no side effects or complaints.
  • It’s Homeopathic which is a form of medicine that is complimentary to the natural processes and pathways of the body. It aids & supports in healing.
  • It’s micro- dosing meaning it is ALWAYS safe and effective,- never producing too much of a dose that could become harmful to the body.
  • It is a metabolic blend complete with HGH ( Human Growth Hormone), Thryoid and Adrenal Glandular Support plus whole leaf botanicals. This means the main energy and hormone producing pathways of your body are being given the help and support they need to heal and thrive.
  • It has over 40 known complimentary health optimizing effects to the body.
  • I am tracking biometrics like lean muscle mass, fat mass, BMI, pulse, blood pressure and blood work and my patients are improving and getting well.

In my opinion, there has never been one product that helps the body in such a profound way. It works and I have clinical proof! If you are on this page, it is because I recommended this product to you- now is your time to be the next success story. Learn more about the Somaderm Gel


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