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Smart – Integrative – Personalized

The status quo isn’t working for most patients. We’re different.

Feel Well is a integrative primary care practice that offers a lifestyle medicine approach to helping you heal and THRIVE! We deliver the best of primary care while learning about your life and the way you live it, so we can help you heal, thrive and optimize your health and life.

At Feel Well Health Center, We Reach Beyond the “Standard of Care” to Deliver YOU Health Optimization Medicine.

We Are Providing The Plantsville and Cheshire Areas with State of the Art Care for You and Your Loved Ones …

Feel Well Health Center focuses on prevention through the use of the latest laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques, as well as, a prescribed program and curriculum integrating the pillars of optimized health: brain optimization, diet, exercise, hormone therapy, and supplements.

Dr. Greene provides the ultimate in patient care. From the personal client care to the support for patients, their concerns, and needs are superlative. The diagnostics of this facility are of a caliber rarely seen outside of the metropolitan hospital venue. The diverse medical and therapeutic approaches presented, being traditional or more holistic, provide patients with informed and relevant choices that are within a “comfort level of supportive healing.”

— Karen S. 

“Dr. Greene and his knowledgeable and professional staff have helped me in attempting to reach my fitness goals. No pun intended – but my wellness has been optimal since I visited the Center.”

–Robert R. 

“Dr.Greene is extremely knowledgeable and motivating encouraging me to take care of myself through lifestyle changes to become healthier and happier and ultimately have a fuller life. He pays attention to the whole person and gets real with you. I am so grateful to have him as my doctor.”

–Daron G.

“Over many years I have been treated by several medical professionals but none as thorough nor reassuring as Dr. Kevin Greene. I feel he and his staff are truly interested in helping me to achieve complete wellness through advanced testing as well as individual attention, something that I have not experienced elsewhere. Anyone seeking a change in conventional medical office healthcare would be well rewarded to begin their wellness journey with Dr. Greene and his staff (I have not been compensated to express my thoughts)!!”

— Shari

Diving Deep Into Your Health is a comprehensive guide with strategies that can be easily adapted to each individual. The book identifies ‘Seven Pillars of Optimal Wellness’. These seven pillars encompass Dr. Greene’s immense knowledge not only as a highly qualified doctor, but also as an expert in preventative and alternative health techniques. The book helps readers develop a more enthusiastic attitude towards health management, while providing valuable yet easy-to-use resources. Not only does he provide effective insight on paying attention to the body’s responses to different factors, he also documents his own health and wellness journey…